Digital vs Personal Service
Jason Wilcox, 01/10/2018

 The digital revolution is coming....or is it?

Sure the online world is changing the way many people do business but when it comes to one of the largest financial commitments you'll ever make, there's no substitute for the face to face, personal service and trusted experience that a mortgage specialist such as Think Advantage can deliver to explore your property finance options.

You might of heard about 'comparison sites' or 'mobile apps' that claim to make the process of obtaining finance or a better deal as 'easy & simple', however in today's market the reality is that everyone's situation is different and it's way more complex than just hitting the submit button on an advertising link to get the right home loan for your situation.

All lenders have different policies and assessment criteria that can affect your eligibility to a particular loan type or advertised rate which you don't always find in the 'conditions apply' small print. Ongoing changes to criteria such as customer declared living expenses and assessment of different income types are a couple of examples that can leave consumers more confused than ever about the best way to apply for a home loan.

As your personal mortgage advisor, Think Advantage adds real value because it is our role to monitor the changing environment and to interpret this in a meaningful way to all our clients. It's not just about getting finance. Our clients have the Think Advantage team right by their side to not only help them purchase their dream home or investment property but to also call on whenever circumstances change. Like your accountant and financial planner, a specialist mortgage advisor today should be an important cog as part of your financial team.

It's much more than a business relationship for us. We're with you every step of the way for the life of your loan.

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Digital vs Personal Service